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北京赛车是正规彩票吗:How to choose a fund? The first thing that squeezes out the water is the "real fairy."

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内容摘要: Generally, past performance is not indicative of future performance of the fund, but for ordinary investors, past performance is definitely...

Generally, past performance is not indicative of future performance of the fund, but for ordinary investors, past performance is definitely one of the key indicators of the ability to identify the fund manager. The following is the Galaxy category 132 standard equity funds the past year's performance and ranking.

Table: Galaxy recent version of the standard stock products 1-year performance rankings


Source: Galaxy Securities, as of April 2018

13 investors may be questioned, I bought the fund actually see is the fund managers, some fund managers more than funds, their management should be integrated performance of all funds to assess their ability to manage more tricky.

will be more than 132 funds corresponding to the 143 fund managers and its management of product details to list, as follows:


Source: wind, as of May 2018

16, however, found to have the following two when sorting data Question:

Although some fund managers manage multiple funds, their management hours vary, some have been managed for several years, while others have managed less than half a year or even tens of days. Funds are long-term investment products, and they are too short-term. In fact, not a good reference for investment;

Some fund managers in addition to management of active equity funds, also managed a partial debt hybrid type , index type , bonds and other products. The above funds undoubtedly caused great interference to the evaluation of the historical performance of the active equity fund managers;

In order to make the results appear closer to the facts, the following Xiaobian re-set the inclusion conditions:

1. Only the statistical fund type is ordinary stock type, partial Mixed stocks, balanced hybrid and flexible allocation of the four types of funds, the rest of the types of funds are not included in the statistics;

2, only the statistical management of funds in more than 365 days, less than the number of days of funds are not included in the statistics.

After the above conditions, the fund manager rearrange historical performance data, statistics the number of fund managers adjusted to 130, according to an average annualized return descending order, the annual yield of TOP50 ranking results are as follows:


data sources: wind, As of May 16, 2018,

It can be seen from the above table that through our more rigorous screening, the top three of the annual returns of the management of active equity funds by standard equity fund managers are respectively , GF funds Li Yaozhu (+29.09%), . The Sino-European Fund Zhou Yingbo (+27.99%) and HSBC Jintrust is Xingtao (+27.05%).

The 50 TOP50 fund managers, annualized earnings are all above 10%, TOP10 fund managers' returns are above 20%, is the highest for GF Li Yaozhu, annualized earnings even reached nearly 30% . If you want to configure long-term performance of good partial stock funds , these outstanding strength of the fund managers to manage partial stock funds worth attention!

blue-chip fund

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Fund Code fund referred the past year operating income fee
001605 Wealth Shanghai and Hong Kong deep growth Select Equity 45.75 1.50% 0.15% % Purchase Opening Account Purchase
001186 Wells Fargo Culture \u0026 Sports Stocks 7_89456 _100_65473_939.31% 1.50 % 0.15% purchase account purchase
002121 GF new starting point for Hong Kong and Shanghai stock 28.92 deep 1.50% % 0.15% purchase account purchase
Source: Oriental Fortune Choice data Galaxy Securities, deadline: 2018-05-23





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